Reviews for Millipede

Reviews for Millipede for NES

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Good (Ricardo Miller in Manitoba)
  May 21, 2017

Not as great as Centipede for the arcade but still great!

Classic game (Sylvain in Quebec)
  May 13, 2016

👍 merci

great old game (Joseph in West Virginia)
  March 9, 2015

Was in excellent shape. Works perfect!

great fun! (Duvonne in New York)
  January 5, 2015

game is in perfect condition. Thanks you!

millipede (redz)
  July 28, 2014

It is what it says to be... it's a classic, slightly adapted from the arcade version but still the same solid game of save the garden.

a classic nes game (DJ in Guam)
  January 17, 2014

The condition was good and as expected. JJ Games is a good site for NES games. 4 star

fast paced arcade fun (stuie b in Australia)
  September 20, 2013

this is a great arcade port of the classic millipede. Much faster and more frantic than the original centipede classic. It's a different style of play than the original, but I prefer this sequel. Highly recommended arcade port for those who enjoy that style of game

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