Reviews for The Guardian Legend

Reviews for The Guardian Legend for NES

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Hidden Gem (Ricardo Miller in Manitoba)
  May 21, 2017

A hidden gem on the NES in my opinion! Part Blaster Master and part shoot em up!!

The Legend of Zelda + Metroid = The Guardian Legend (Brandon in New York)
  April 14, 2014

Great game, sadly overlooked in its day. It is one of the first well-executed multi-genre games that I am aware of. At it's basic level, the game plays an action adventure game with some RPG elements. A large portion of the game is spent collecting special weapons and power-ups in order to make your character more formidable for the challenges later in the game. There are also special rooms that contain shops, "save" locations, and recordings that provide hints for how to access certain stages. These features are somewhat reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda series, while the science fiction setting provides an atmosphere resembling Metroid. There are also "corridor" stages of the game that play a scrolling shooter, similar to games like Gun Nac. These stages usually end in boss battles which provide you with weapons or keys to help you progress by opening up new areas to exploration.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this game. It's not too short or too long. The battles and corridor stages range from easy to quite challenging. There's a useful map system to help you navigate through the different areas and an experience level system that makes your character stronger over time, as you continue to defeat more enemies.

As for the negatives: Later in the game, certain bosses and sub-bosses seemed almost impossibly difficult and sometimes required a certain degree of luck in order to defeat them (Not unusual for an NES game). Probably the biggest downside is the password system. This game could have really benefited from a battery-backup save system. Instead, the designers opted for a long and somewhat obnoxious password system. The game will save when you receive a password, but the data will only be retained as long as your console is turned on. If you reset the game, you need to enter a password to continue.

Despite these negatives, this is still a great game and definitely worth checking out.

Great game! (Kyle in Saskatchewan)
  October 21, 2013

With an open world and gameplay types that switch between Zelda-like action/adventure and shoot-em up this game is a great addition to any NES library.

Good Game (Eugene in Texas)
  February 16, 2013

Good game, very nostalgia.

great nes classic (Eric Brabant in Quebec)
  August 18, 2012

great nes classic ,very challenging and fun to play

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