Reviews for Mario Kart Wii

Reviews for Mario Kart Wii for Wii

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Fun game (Angela in Oregon)
  April 23, 2019

Fun game, came in promised condition and plays perfectly.

Fun game (Angela in Oregon)
  April 23, 2019

Fun game, came in promised condition and plays perfectly.

So much fun (Shannon in New York)
  April 11, 2019

My daughters and I played this game all the time when we first got the Wii until over the years as they grew up got scratched. My girls now 23 and 15 wanted to play like "old times" so we ordered a new one from jj. We again have family time laughing and inviting their friends for tournaments. Love this game!

Great (Jayden02 in Alabama)
  February 26, 2018

Not scratched came fast love it

Fun for kids! (Elliott Smith in South Carolina)
  December 28, 2017

This game is a good way to develop driving skills. People who like to use power-ups will love this game.

Mario Kart - 'nuff said (Ian in Alabama)
  March 31, 2017

Who doesn't love Mario Kart? Disc works great!

I'm a gonna win! (Wario in Rhode Island)
  February 5, 2017

This game is sooooo much fun. But I was also impressed with the comparatively low price and quality of the used disc I got from JJGames. No scratches. Just like new. I will definitely buy more games from them.

Great Game (Susan Davis in Virginia)
  October 7, 2016

We have had this game before but broke the disc. We love playing Mario Kart. I was skeptical about buying used but it is just like new, even had the wheel. My kids and I love playing.

Fun for kids (Michelle Wiedemann in Florida)
  June 20, 2016

it was fun for me and my young children

Great game (martha wysocki in Alabama)
  January 28, 2016

Great game in great condition.

great game (Scott in British Columbia)
  October 28, 2015

Tons of fun to play. Great game at a great price!

Excellent for Kids and Adults! (Danielle in United Kingdom)
  June 26, 2012

I bought this game recently and it was a HUGE hit with everyone in the house. The games are fun and engaging. Great for any age and skill level!

Another great effort in the Mario Kart series (howie in Colorado)
  March 21, 2012

This one is a must for Wii owners. Great fun with several players. Hilarious! This game offers some brand new courses that come just with Wii version but also has race tracks from across the Nintendo gaming system spectrum so you can race on tracks from SNES, gamecube, N64 and others all on one game disc. You have a choice of playing with the Mario Kart wheel or with the controller and nunchuk combo (my choice). Buy this and have hilarious fun!

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