Reviews for Robocop

Reviews for Robocop for NES

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Feel like a kid again (Matt S in Illinois)
  July 4, 2019

Worked perfectly out of the package. Brought back great childhood memories!

Who doesn't like Robocop? (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  January 11, 2019

Must have in my collection.

Robocop great 8bit game (Diegock in Florida)
  December 13, 2013


Great late 80s Movie game (Joe)
  February 5, 2013

If you were a kid back in 87 when Robocop hit the theatre you will be pleasantly surprised by this classic title.

The game plays slow at first and takes awhile to get used to. Once you get the hang of it though, you'll come to appreciate the quirky awkwardness of Robocop's movements... His inability to jump, the difficulty going up and down stairs, and the fact that you must punch your way through most situations.

For 1987 it was a pretty faithful movie to game adaptation by Data East. The music is remarkly similiar to the title theme from the movie, and the cut scenes, though short, and really well done. Throw in the bonus stages where you get to do target practice and you've got a cool little game.

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