Reviews for Cruis'n USA

Reviews for Cruis'n USA for Nintendo 64

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As good as I remember (Jesse in California)
  July 6, 2019

This game is classic. JJgames never disappoints

Good racing game (Diego Aguas in New Jersey)
  August 19, 2017

Played the game on my N64 and I was hooked it's more or less good as the arcade version but still a good game.

Couldn't Be Happier (Anne in Indiana)
  October 19, 2015

Its exactly what I remembered and more. The sound and video are working smoothly. The picture on the cartridge is non-existent so I can't wait to print off a new one and mod podge that baby on. It'll be like new!!

Not Bad (Kyle in New Brunswick)
  October 9, 2015

Fun racing game. Graphics are a bit out dated but still fun to play.

Memories (Kenny Skorniewski in Ontario)
  August 26, 2014

Remember Playing this a lot when i was a kid so much fun!

One of the best racing games of all time! (Tyler in Wisconsin)
  August 5, 2013

Holy crap I Love this game! The controls are perfect and it is fast paced and just overall a heck of a time!

Good racing game (dgree in Alberta)
  June 14, 2013

fun racing game

An ok game (David G in Alabama)
  May 26, 2013

This game is ok game, it seems really dated though. considering it came out in the late 90's on the N64 I guess I can't fault it to much. However the graphics look a bit jagged, and there is some "pop-in" issues too.

Good Old Fun (Shawn C in Ontario)
  December 20, 2012

I got tired of playing this game at a really crappy bar, so I ordered myself a copy. JJ's price was less than two plays of that arcade machine... The Cruis'n games were never very sophisticated, but there's simple fun to be had. The first time I played this game, it was such a big deal that if I won there were bikini girls at the finish line, because I was 13. Needless to say, I got pretty good at it. I never owned this game myself, but a buddy had it, and there used to be a bunch of local arcades and pizza joints with arcade machines, and this game was everywhere. I seem to remember it was a little more expensive than the average N64 game at release, so paying an equivalent of 2 arcade plays to own is awesome.

Another nice racing game (Mac in Spain)
  August 25, 2012

Like in cruisn World, but in USA. I think there are a lot more locations to play than in World. I like this locations, you can see how USA was in the 90s (in n64 style of course:). Also racings are fun, easy to control the car and nice views. Its beauty, to me, is more seeing than the race itself but of course there is race and very addictive.

A classic!!! (Luis E Jimenez in Arizona)
  July 8, 2012

It was the first game I played when I bought my N64, I still remember how exited i was, and I played for hours...

OK game (Robert in British Columbia)
  February 24, 2012

For the time the game is ok but now I play on Gamecube & Wii the Need for speed games, much better also newer games.

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