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Buy a Nintendo DS Console

Buy a Nintendo Ds Console

The Nintendo DS system is Nintendo's newest handheld system. It has two screens, one of which is touch sensitive, a microphone, and wireless multiplayer. The DS is great for all ages because it has games like Animal Crossing and Nintendogs for kids, but also games like Brain Age and Tetris DS for adults.

The Nintendo DS is ready to play WiFi multiplayers games right out of the box. With a few clicks and setup you can be playing against people all over the world in games like Mario Kart and Metroid Prime Hunters. Choose which Nintendo DS system you want by clicking here.

Cheap Nintendo DS Games

Guitar Hero on Tour

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Pokemon and Mario Games on Nintendo DS

Pokemon Diamond

The Nintendo DS is the new home of the latest Pokemon games like Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. If you like puzzle games, give Pokemon Trozei a try. Or get the latest and greatest characters, settings, and storyline with Pokemon White and Pokemon Black.

Nintendo DS has fun and exciting Mario games like Mario & Luigi Partners in Time and Mario Party DS. There are also new twists on classic throwbacks like New Super Mario Bros or Super Mario 64 DS. Buy the Nintendo DS console of your choice and join in the fun.

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