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Playstation 4 Console

The Playstation 4 system is the successor to the Playstation 3 and the fourth video game console from Sony. It's the most powerful console of this generation. The PS4 is home to exclusive games like Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, and Last of Us, and Killzone.

Playstation 4 fully supports the Playstation Network so you can play online with your friends. Share game play videos with one button press. And interact with your gaming buddies with ease.

The PS4 does much more than play games too. You can watch Netflix, stream sports with MLB and NBA apps, and much more.

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Playstation 4 Controller

If you own a PS4, you need extra Playstation 4 Controllers. Each PS4 system comes with one controller, but you can use up to four at a time. Extra controllers let multiple people play at the same time so more people can join the fun.

We recommend each PS3 owner have at least two controllers so they get the most out of their system. Sports games and party games are the most fun with four controllers. All the PS4 controllers we sell are Sony brand and guaranteed to work.

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Destiny PS4

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