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The Sega Saturn is a favorite with game collectors. It was launched in 1995 but only lasted for three years before Sega stopped making it. During this time more than 250 games were released including classics like Virtua Fighter 2, Panzer Dragoon, and Nights into Dreams.

The Saturn was killed off so quickly because it came out almost the exact same time as the Playstation 1. Even with a short console life, the Saturn has one of the strongest line-ups of Role Playing games, great Action games, and a complete collection of sports and racing titles. Who knows what would have been possible with another few years.

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Sega Saturn Controller

The Sega Saturn supports two controllers. A second controller is a must for all racing, sports, or fighting games because they are the most fun when played with friends. Each console we sell comes with one controller but you can buy a second Saturn controller too.

We carry a full line of Saturn accessories. If you lose or break your Saturn AV cable or Saturn AC Adaptor we have replacements available.

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Saturn has lots of high quality games with prices starting below $10. Browse our entire inventory of Saturn games to find the one that fits your budget and interests. You are sure to find a game that is just what your looking for.

Sega Saturn is also well known for its rare games. Some of the most expensive games of all time were released for the Sega Saturn including Panzer Dragoon Saga, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Burning Rangers. We only get them on rare occassions because they are so rare, but they are favorites with Saturn collectors.

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