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Sega CD Console

The Sega CD console is an add-on to the Sega Genesis. It was released in 1992 in order to play CD based games on the cartridge based Genesis. Sega CD requires a Sega Genesis console in order to play games.

More than 150 games were released for the Sega CD including classics like Sonic CD, Sewer Shark, and Eternal Champions. Many Sega CD games have become popular with game collectors as they have become more rare.

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Genesis Controller

Because Sega CD is an add-on console to the Genesis, all the controllers and accessories are the same as Genesis controllers and accessories. If you buy a Genesis controller it will work on a Sega CD system. The same is true with Genesis AV Cables. In fact, the Sega CD uses the Genesis inputs for all controllers and AV functions.

The Sega CD does need its own AC Adaptor but it uses the same one as the Sega Genesis version 1.

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The vast majority of Sega CD games sell for less than $5. See our entire inventory of Sega CD games to find one that matches your interests and is gentle on the pocket book.

The Sega CD has it's fair share of rare games too. There are RPG's like Shining Force and Lunar Eternal Blue. Some Sega CD action games are rare too, like Night Striker and Lords of Thunder.

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