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The Super Nintendo console is the successor to the oringal NES system with upgraded graphics and better controllers. The Super Nintendo is the only place to play great games like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda Link to the Past and Super Mario Kart.

The Super Nintendo is has one of the widest selections of video games from all different genres. RPG's like Final Fantasy II, racing games like Super Mario Kart, puzzle games like Tetris 2, and even simulation games like Sim City. The Super Nintendo will have the style and types of games you are interested in and many of them are exclusive to the SNES.

The Best Super Nintendo Games

Super Mario World SNES

Some of the best games ever made are on the Super Nintendo. Zelda Link to the Past is on many top 100 game lists and is considered by many gamers to be the best Zelda game. Super Mario All-Stars has three Mario games on one cartridge, Mario 1, Mario 2, and Mario 3 - three great games for the price of one.

See a complete list of the best Super Nintendo games.

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Jurassic Park SNES

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